Emotions in the Early Nineteenth-Century German-language Press

Illustrierte Zeitung 1.1.1844_2

This project investigates the role of the press in mobilizing and structuring emotions in the early nineteenth-century German-speaking Europe. The popular press was a key cultural forum, in which emotions were discussed in public through newly emerging journalistic practices and discourses. The era of educational reforms created passionate debates about the right kind of means of cultivating the human. Emotions did not only stir up the public discussion, but were also explicitly problematized and put at the center of the public disputation. The research rationale of this project is to map and analyze the ways in which emotions and their meanings were discussed in the education debates before 1850.

The project is funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation / the Finnish Foundations’ Post Doc Pool.


Image: Illustrierte Zeitung 1 January 1844. 

Austrian National Library / ANNO Austrian Newspapers Online